Meet Tara Tominaga-Watkins

What is your title at the Convention and Visitors Bureau?


My title is Marketing and Events Manager. I handle mostly social media. I have taken over the blog and I manage the events calendar. I do the E-newsletter as well.

How did you get into social media?

I sort of had to learn it for myself for my art and my book, so I had already starting dabbling in it. I got hired on at an International Tennis and Fitness Apparel Brand, 30fifteen. I worked there for a year and two months, and she moved to New York within two months of hiring me. She left me alone in Marina Del Rey to handle all of her social media. I was writing six blog posts a week, and running her yoga studio full-time. I had to learn how to do all of it: Blog Writing, Social Media Content, Video Production. I learned so much.

What are your other creative outlets?

Painting, photography, and writing. I have been writing a lot of poetry lately; I have been playing around with the idea of a poetry book. I want it to incorporate illustration as well.

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Tell me about Daisy and Otto.

They are (3) children’s books. I drew this picture of this otter and this sea urchin and there is a little heart in between them. I was like “That’s so ridiculous” the otter would eat the sea urchin, but it was fun so I continued with it. I created this little flipbook animation where they meet for the first time and I knew there was more to that.


“Daisy and Otto Chill Out”

I was interning at Cartoon Network at the time. As interns, we had to come up with a pitch. Most people do shows with the hopes that the studio will pick it up. I pitched a book, Daisy and Otto, the first book. I still have the illustrations and it’s terrible, but I got a lot of great feedback from a lot of people that had been in the storytelling business for a long time. They helped me build the first book up to be what it is now. It has become this idea that I want to inspire the next generation of ocean loving bookworms.

Check out Daisy and Otto’s Blog!

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What are some of your other personal projects you are working on?

A lot of photography. I have recently taken up film photography. Garry Winogrand is a photographer that I am really obsessed with. I am trying to recreate his methods of letting films marinate in time. [I am] trying to detach myself from the photos I am taking so I can look at the subjectively once they are finally printed; Decide which ones are actually good instead of just which ones felt good to take the picture. I have one from college still. I was shooting on Medium format, 120 mm.

Want to learn more about Tara Tominaga-Watkins? Check out her website.

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