Au Revoir 2018, Hola 2019 (Year in Review)

As we gathered for our last meetup of 2018, created handmade gifts and shared laughs, I couldn’t help think how next year would be bigger and better. Year In Reviews are always saying that, right? But I’m for real! Before we jump into that, I want to share a quick recap of where we went this year, because our second year (technically) was pretty incredible.


Major Milestones of 2018

1. Partnering with Partnership for Economic Development, College Street and ASU

  • You can literally see how much of an impact our partners have made on our group. We’ve had workshops at ASU, helping us connect with students and teachers.

  • College Street provides much more than an awesome venue and beer; they’ve been an integral part of creating an environment where we can all conspire together, not to mention we can now hear our presenters thanks to the luscious mic/audio set up. Shout out to our “AV guy” Jason Helart for everything he does for us.

  • James and Tonya (PED) brought vision to the meetups, and we now experience presentations and workshops more intentionally, and with legit technology! Without them we’d probably still be chatting about what we do around a table in a noisy bar. We also love the pizza!

2. Building and launching our website including a blog with original content

We needed a place for our content to live, off of social media, so of course a website was the obvious answer. We now host original content including Pizza & Passion (the blog you’re reading), Creating Comrades Series which highlights local entrepreneurs of all sizes and scale. It’s our way of introducing you to the wide range of entities, right here in Lake Havasu City. Shout out to Nathan Adler and Jillian Grace Usher for writing and producing Creating Comrades.

3. Meeting and connecting with all of our Comrades

That seems like an obvious answer, but it might just be the most important. Each month we come together to learn about a new topic, celebrate the wins of that last project, and commiserate together about how to break through a challenge. We’re a diverse group that is here to support each other, to celebrate where we’ve been and where we’re going. Artists support artists!

One giant thing I’ve personally learned is that it takes a team made of individuals who are driven by the same goals as yours. We’ve grown our team this year and look forward to working directly with more Comrades this year.

People keep asking, “What’s next?”

I’m going to keep it simple and say, we’re going bigger.

  • Diversifying programming outside of a typical meetup. Planning a conference can’t be that hard, right? Perhaps pepper in some local field trips?

  • Expanding the site to profile our members, connecting them with potential freelance gigs. You need someone to market your business? We can help you find people who do that.

  • We’re excited to continue growing partnerships with companies who believe in young entrepreneurs and the power of connecting them.

Cheers to a new year!

– Aymie

Connecting creatives, entrepreneurs and growing businesses is our passion.

Aymie Spitzer