February Wrap

You know, they always say that resolutions fall off by the second month of the year, but honestly, we can’t relate.

We got the ball rolling last month and it hasn't stopped yet. Read on for the fun of February.

We colored outside the lines.

Elementary Art Educator, Hannah Upton, kept the energy high and smiles abound with her take on the importance of art education. She brought all the Comrades back to the simple yet SO significant times of our art class days. She touched on how each lesson really had an embedded social theme that made unknowingly lasting impacts for her students; later translating to their contribution to their community.

“Surround yourself by people that induce creativity”- Hannah Upton

We kept our geek game strong.

Andy’s Geek Group traversed a new topic this month and one that is a main hitter in media, film, music, and even scientific theories about our existence: VR. Yes, Virtual Reality is no longer an abstract concept in cheesy Sci-Fi but very much so real and now. The group made light of the new tech with a game sesh using the Google Tilt Brush to play virtual art games.

The group will be hosting a follow-up Raspberry Pi workshop on Thursday, Feb, 28th. This time, dive deeper into the capabilities of “the Pi” by configuring an LED light system. Want to stay up to date with Geek Group doings? andysgeekgroup@gmail.com

We saw the signs.

Branding is ideal for spreading your business message with local customers. Comrades got a taste of expertise on the design and fabrication with the longest operating Sign company in town, Mack Signs. From Pan Channels, Halo, Vinyl, and Digital Printing, we got the rundown on all the different types of signage available. We also learned how LED is taking over versus traditional Neon (though we will say we miss the iconic glow).

We saw Photogs spreading wisdom and artists getting social

Havasu Photos has a great month with two meet-ups. The first was the epitome of our motto, “Artists Support Artists” with presentations from local professional photographers displaying their works and sharing their experience in the industry.

The second meet-up closed the threshold of art and social technology. Havasu Photos presented the basics of social media to current artists of the Havasu Art Center. They dove into the logistics of social media’s impact on an artist's branding, audience scope, and business.

We untangled the sacred geometry within

Presented by SN Studios, this artist workshop got in touch with inner creative vibes. With the mediums of colored pencil, marker, graphite, and paper, participants created psychedelic art pieces. every unique piece expressed the artists inner being.

February was a stellar time for our latest (and perhaps, greatest) projects to date.

Jillian Grace Usher