May Wrap

I’m sure we all know the “Best Month of the Year” ...


All jokes aside, May was pretty fantastic for all parties included. Here’s the Wrap:

We got spooked by a local business.

 We met with local horror memorabilia shop, Terror Toys. Many careers begin through special interests, so Matt and Clarice guided us through the journey of their hobby turned business with NARRATIVES and explanative visuals.


They also touched on the evolving world of retail including their business relationships to both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar business models.

We showed rather than told.

 As the most common form of writing, creative writing is a method of both self-expression and emotional provocation.  Local educators, Erik Wilbur (English Resident Faculty, MCC) and Jenna Lowder (English and Communication Faculty, ASU) facilitated the first writing workshop Comrades have had.


Creative writing is not just for entertainment purposes but conjointly aims to “connect intellect with bodily sensation.” In other words, the writings should use the power of description to evoke an emotional (or even physical) sensation in the reader. This power can then be turned into purposeful call to act, empathy, or persuasion.


Attendees were also treated to a live reading by published poet and ASU faculty, Leepsa Nabaghan Madhabika.

We hit the lanes.

It was time to go behind the lanes (literally) to learn how every strike (or gutter ball) is earned at Havasu Lanes. Lead by the lanes’ head mechanic, we experienced the technology behind pin retrieval, ball returns, and how scores are calculated.


To top it off was a Creative Comrades Bowling Showdown! Two teams battled for that perfect 300 score, or at least to get a strike or two! Awards of the night included, “I Tried my Best” and “Best Socks!”


Thank you to everyone that participated this month! Best summer start ever, WOOH!


Jillian Grace Usher