July Wrap

July was about as hot as it gets AND our events this month were even hotter. Summer is still rolling, but July is a wrap!


We stepped behind the shutter with Nathan Adler.

Nathan has been a real key player in Creative Comrades and he rocked it yet again with his July Meet-up. Nathan highlighted his past photo projects ranging from portraits, scenery, event coverage, and some unique collabs including a sassy Golden Pineapple (Go look up @goldenpineapplehavasu on Insta!) and a coffee table book about the plethora of trash cans along the beaches (the silent photobombers). 

Post-presentation, Nathan with the help of his group, Havasu Photography, set up interactive workstations showcasing different photography tricks from DIY light boxes, DIY aura photography sheets, and tips and tricks for portraits and product photography. 

Might we add that this was a record-breaking turnout?! Picture Perfect!

We played with lasers at Gold Star Engraving.

Trophies, name badges, wine bottles, oh my! There is little that CAN’T be engraved with Gold Star and their team is up for any challenge. Services range from diamond engraving, laser engraving, and sublimation. Their diamond rotary cutter brings back the old school vibes with (maybe the last operating) DOS computer system. 

We know you are wondering, what are the weirdest item people have brought in to be engraved? The answer: A huge chunk of copper found in the desert! 

Thanks Gold Star for the awesome tour and these stellar bottle-opening leatherbound key chains!

We got social with Tara Watkins.


Running a 10,000+ followers account is no simple task, but with Golakehavasu, Tara Watkins makes it look easy! A group of small business owners, ranging in social media experience, had the chance to sit with Tara to ask their questions. Here’s her key takeaways:

  1. Don’t Forget to be Social!
    Interact with your “Likers” and “Commenters”, it shows there is a real person behind the account.

  2. Celebrate the follows AND the unfollows!
    New follower= new potential customer
    New unfollower= less potential for harsh comments and more room for REAL engagement.

  3. Be worth listening too!
    Tell a story beyond just your company. Entertainment=Engagement.

  4. Get creepy!
    Don’t be afraid to use demographic data from in-app insights to target potential customers. (Make sure to make your page a “Business” page for insight access)

  5. Check your spelling!
    Let your followers pay attention to the content, don’t distract with simple errors.

  6. Find your balance!
    Strike a balance between promotional content and fun content.Use the power of trending hashtags to stay #current.

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Jillian Grace Usher