Pop Up: ZippNada

Talking Sustainability with Kaylee, Founder & CEO of ZippNada

What inspired your zero-waste journey?

When I was in high school, I saw a documentary about the plastic crisis. Realizing the harm plastic was doing to the environment inspired me to change my lifestyle so that I can be apart of the solution. As I began researching plastic, I stumbled across the zero-waste community.

Describe your business (examples of products, where/how you sell, how you get your products)

ZippNada is a sustainable lifestyle brand aimed at helping individuals create less waste without giving up convenience. For example, we sell reusable straws, utensil kits, mugs, menstrual pads, wood stickers and so much more. We are an online brand, but we travel and attend trade shows and festivals. 90% of our products are made in the United States. We want to support local makers whenever possible and source our products from Kingman, Lake Havasu, Colorado, and California.

Beyond your business, how else do try to inspire a zero-waste lifestyle in your community?

I enjoy spreading the Zero-Waste movement any way I can! I run a Facebook support group called Zero-Waste Havasu and post educational videos, news, and studies related to anything about sustainability and plastic. I do trash clean ups (although these are great, I like to focus on prevention first!) Lastly, I do talk at community events and monthly workshops that focus on a different aspect of zero-waste.

What are some of the advantages of being a young entrepreneur in your area?

I get to meet so many interesting people! Havasu has helped me gain some wonderful connections and friends.

Any advice for fellow entrepreneurs?

Anything worth doing is difficult. There are going to be BIG challenges but keep going, be persistent and consistent. DO NOT GIVE UP, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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