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From Horror Hobby to Spooky Storefront with Terror Toys


Owners and operators, Matt and Cherice Ferree began collecting horror inspired memorabilia in the early 2000s and decide to begin their own take on the industry when they found a lack of horror-inspired kitchenware. In order to keep their horror memorabilia hobby alive, they began to buy collectibles in bulk in order to sell a portion of the pieces. This transition created Terror Toys as an online horror memorabilia shop in 2014. In October 2018, Terror Toys transitioned their inventory to their current shop on McCulloch Blvd. Due to an unforeseen increase in foot traffic, the business has now transitioned to 90% brick-and-mortar and 10% of revenue from online sales. Listen as Matt discusses the logistics of horror memorabilia industry and how his personal passion transformed into Lake Havasu’s first and only horror collectible shop.


About the speaker:

Matt Ferree grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona and moved to Lake Havasu in 1999. After high school he moved to Phoenix and worked in sales, concert security, and electronics repair. After college, he returned to Lake Havasu where he met his future wife, Cherice. The two connected on their love for Horror movies and related memorabilia. Over the years, their collection grew to create a macabre house. As their dark decor enveloped their house, they realized that their kitchen was bare of the same ghoulish flare as the rest of the house. Upon their search for creepy kitchenware, they found there was much of a market for it besides goods that were cheap and tacky. Matt decided to end his long searching by creating his own line of Horror-inspired Kitchenware. There, Terror Toys was born.